Three Different People

As simple as this statement is, elementary rather…there are certain moments in your life that this becomes more profound than others or when you truly really are met with this concept. And its life changing when you realize this.

Reading this makes me immediately think of the little girl who REALLY HATED dresses and REALLY LOVED farm animals, cowboy boots, Glen Campbell, riding in Dad’s tractor stuck up inside the tiny corner behind his seat, playing football and riding my motorcycle.

And then I think of the determined little girl who became a fiercely determined young lady on a mission to prove everyone wrong, who packed what I owned and headed North to what would become some of the best days of my life, who broke her back and with that lost every single solitary sense of who she had become or wanted to be, and headed home where it all began to help take care of her Mom who got violently ill after her own Mother had passed and who would spend the better part of the next 18 years taking care of this sick Mom.

And then I think of the becoming. Who I am destined to be now. Where she is going to go now.? What will become of her now? It is with great trepidation, fear and excitement that I head out on this journey. We do not always like what we learn about ourselves along the way. But here I go…

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