Heavenly Birthday

I used to think wishing someone a happy heavenly birthday was silly. Until my life depended on it. Until it was the only way I could say it to two of the most important people in my life.
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad.
On Earth we would have taken you out to eat. It was probably your favorite thing to do on your birthday. And there would have been a yellow cake with chocolate frosting…and we would have fought over the middle pieces.
In Heaven, I am not sure what you are doing but I somehow do not think there are places to eat or cake to be had, maybe I am wrong, but I just do not feel like you need all that up there…I think its magical without it.
I watched a documentary the other day called Surviving Death. A show for all intents and purposes proving that there is in fact, life after death. I have always believed there was but often times have questioned if I believed that only because of the faith system I was raised up with. Or was I just at some point in my life TOLD there was, therefore I believed it? Either way, I am now more convinced then ever that there is. That there is just too much energy to a persons soul for it to just merely fade to nothing.
I know in my heart I will see you again someday. I know it will be amazing when I do. For now I am choosing to believe that you are literally just on the other side of this one way glass. Since I know you can see I us, I don’t have to tell you the following, but I will anyway.
I know you see me suffering, losing Mom was a lot. Too much some days. In my dreams you guys are young…vibrant, full of life. I guess that is how my own soul wants to remember you. I am OK though. And starting down a path that will be life changing for me. I know you are watching and guiding me and I cannot wait to get there.
I know you see Dee Dee doing really well. She is insane right now with her own health and fitness journey and we both know she would have tried to get you on it!
You would be very proud of Jarod, his life too has changed in many directions. He has a beautiful home and has finally reached some incredible peace. You would most definitely love going on his boat ramp tour. You would probably spend a lot of time in NC.
Ethan David is moving right up the ladder at Menards. So much so it is probably the only place that you would shop now. He has his own place for the first time in his life and while I know you know how hard that was for DD, you also know it was necessary for both of them.
Bell Ree is moving and shaking in Nebraska. While she is often incredibly homesick and misses Mom terribly, you were a huge inspiration and continue to be to her. I know how proud you are of her right now.
Dalton James is going to Grad School. Is that not crazy? Remember when we didn’t know if he would ever leave his room? He is going to do great big things in his life.
Kolbie Jordan is currently doing some self discovery, to which you would have no qualms. You would assure us all that she will be fine and figure her stuff out…that she is more than capable of taking care of herself.
I am sad for all of them that the did not get to spend more time with you. I hope in some place in their hearts, they know how big a fan you were of them all.
I do not know what Birthdays are like in Heaven, I just know you are having one. Maybe every day is your birthday up there…either way, I hope wherever you are, whatever you are doing that you know how much I love you and what I would I would give to tell you Happy Birthday to your face. I love you Dad.

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