Hi my name is Tiffany, How can I help?

I became a life coach after a devastating personal loss made me realize I was not doing what I was destined to be doing. I had a gift and I was not able to utilize it to its fullest potential. It took a traumatic loss to show me that, but once I made my mind up to heal I have never looked back. I am a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach.

I live in western Wisconsin just outside of Eau Claire with my wife Kristina and two incredibly spoiled cats. I love traveling (and experiencing things for the first time) writing (I can really crank stuff out when I am sad) reading (so I can travel places for free) kayaking (the sound of the water against the raft is my favorite) oceans, lakes and rivers (they make me feel small) and meeting new people (it is literally my favorite thing in the world.) This site, this journey, this path, became possible in part due to the passing of my beloved Mom. Without her there could be no me and honestly without her, I have not been me.

A very dear friend reminded me that this journey I am on did not start with the passing of my Mom. I have always been on it.

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